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New Boards and Benches for the Natural Play Area

Cherry Hinton Hall – Benches & Information Boards:

What you can expect to see later this spring:

Cross over the bridge near the duck pond and immediately the first thing you’ll spot is that the ground to the left of the Natural Play Area has been planted with a mixture of meadow flowers plus 300 or so plug plants to add density. This area will feature a windy path through to the goose pond at the back, and a meadow flower information board will greet people at the entrance. (This planting will take place on the community Action Day on Saturday 26th March – come and help!)

Immediately on your left after crossing the brook you’ll spot the first new oak bench, shaped like a bumblebee. As you walk alongside the brook towards Daws Lane, the woodland information board will come into view and will list the particular animals that are often present in Cherry Hinton Hall. Similarly to the benches, all of the information boards will be made from oak.

Two more benches sit alongside the back pond edge – one to the left will be a plain bench, with the other in the shape of a dragonfly. All being well, the brambles either side of the benches on the pond edge will have been cut down to encourage new vigorous growth prior to the bird nesting season. A further bench in the shape of a butterfly will be located to the side of the meadow flower area nearest the Natural Play Area.

Looking back on the duck pond and in front of the Natural Play Area, an information board depicting the waterfowl will be just to the left of the little hollow where the ducks and geese like to bathe. Again, to the left of this board it is hoped the brambles on the pond edge will have been cut down prior to the nesting season. Near the Natural Play Area there will be a ‘sensory board’ where you can feel different textures and maybe do some rubbings of ‘leaves’.

The final information board will be located to the right of the pond-dipping platform.  This will show you the things living in the pond that you may find in your dipping net! There will be holders for your trays and nets for pond dipping.

The area around the fences has be planted with hazel saplings to form a screen.

The work will commence a.s.a.p. depending on the weather, and will provide a wonderful area for children to play and for everyone to learn more about the nature in the Hall. This project is Lottery Funded.

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