News Category: Maintenance

  1. February 2014 at the Hall

    Welcome to Cherry Hinton Hall … …Please keep the gate closed.

  2. The pond in February

  3. Remedial work after the Folk Festival

    Visitors to Cherry Hinton Hall will have noticed the damage to the grass from the line markings that were made… Read More

  4. Photograph Competition

    The photo competition is called  “It’s Dog’s Life!” Photos must be taken in Cherry Hinton Hall and can be colour… Read More

  5. Controlling ivy

    Concerns are often expressed about the effect of ivy in the hall grounds. The City Council’s view has been expressed… Read More

  6. New paths

    Anthony French, Open Space Officer – Horticulture, Cambridge City Council, has written to the Friends on 27 March to tell us:… Read More

  7. Trash screen on Daws Lane culvert

    In September 2012, it was agreed by the City’s drainage engineer (Simon Bunn) that the grille, or trash screen, against… Read More

  8. Brook clearance March 2013

    On Sunday, 17 March, a few of us were able to help clear rubbush and fallen vegetation from the brook… Read More