News Category: Meeting Summaries

  1. Minutes of Meeting, Wednesday, 18th November 2015

    Guest Speaker: Anthony French – Open Spaces (Cambridge City Council) Minutes for FCHH – 18th November 2015

  2. Minutes of Meeting, Wednesday, 16th September 2015

    Guest speaker: David Taylor: ‘The Lancaster Bomber’ Minutes for FCHH -16th September 2015

  3. Minutes of AGM, Wednesday, 18th June 2015

    Guest Speaker: David Albacari – Cam-Drone Aerial Photography AGM – 18th June 2015

  4. Minutes of Meeting, Wednesday 18th March 2015

    Guest Speaker: Michelle Bullivant – The Lost Mills Minutes for FCHH – 18th March 2015

  5. Minutes of Meeting, Wednesday 19th November 2014

    Guest Speaker: Anthony French, Cambridge City Council Minutes for FCHH – 19th November 2014

  6. Minutes of AGM, Wednesday, 16 July 2014

    Guest Speaker: Ruth Hawksley, Water for Wildlife Officer, The Wildlife Trust “Chalk Streams and Cherry Hinton Brook”    

  7. Minutes of AGM, Wednesday 19th March 2014

    Minutes March 2014

  8. Minutes of Meeting, Wednesday, 15 January 2014

    Guest Speaker – David Taylor ‘Women’s Roles and Achievements in Aviation’ Minutes January 2014