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Photo competition 2011 details

Submission of photos using Flickr

Joining Flickr

If you already have a Flickr account then of course you can just sign in as normal. If not, you need to join Flickr, which is free. Go to and click “Join Up”. You can sign in with various logins such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or create a new account. Complete the signup process and then sign in.

Joining the FOCHH group

Once you are signed in to Flickr go to the FOCHH Flickr group then you should see a link to “Join this Group”.

Alternatively you should be able to go to this link and join the FOCHH Flickr group directly via this URL:

Acknowledge the request to join the group, and read the group rules. You are now a member of the FOCHH group.

Once you join the group, then you can add to the “group pool” any of the images you have already uploaded to your own Flickr account.

Uploading your own photos

You will need to upload your selected photos of Cherry Hinton Hall to your own Flickr account. This can be done via the website here:

or you can install Flickr software from here (Windows and Mac) and upload from your desktop. This makes life much easier if you are going to upload lots of photos.

When you are uploading via either method, make sure the photo is marked as “Public” and “Safe”, which are the default settings. You can give your photos a sensible title as you upload or just afterwards.

Once uploaded your photos should appear in your “Photostream” from the “You” link in the top left of the Flickr page, just below the Flickr logo. From here you can do many things with them, including adding them to different Flickr groups.

Adding your photos to the FOCHH group

From your Photostream, click on a photo you want to add to the FOCHH group. Once viewing the photo you should see an “Actions” button above your photo. Click on this, which will drop down a menu of lots of actions. Now click on “Add to a group”. This will pop up a menu of all the groups you belong to. Now click on Friends of Cherry Hinton Hall. Your photo will now be added the the FOCHH group pool.

To see your photo in the group’s photo pool, go to the group link:

Entering your photo(s) in the competition

To submit your photo to the FoCHH competition, you need to tag your photo with the following 2 tags: FOCHH COMP2011. You can do this while you are viewing your photo. To the bottom right of your image you will see the “Tags” section. Add in the tags above to the text entry box and click the Add button. Anyone can then search Flickr for these tags and see all competition photos.

Competition rules

  1. Photographs suitable for display on the website of the Friends of Cherry Hinton Hall will be accepted from anyone for entry in three categories as determined by age of entrant on 30 September 2011:
    1. under 12 (junior);
    2. 12 to 17 (intermediate);
    3. 18 or over (adult).
  2. Prizes of £25 for first place, £15 for second place and £10 for third place will be awarded in each age category at the sole discretion of the judges, who may not themselves enter photos for the competition.
  3. Photos must be taken in the grounds of Cherry Hinton Hall.
  4. A maximum of 5 photos will be accepted from each entrant.
  5. Submission of any photo for the competition will be deemed to give permission for the photo to be put on public display and for it to be shown on the website of the Friends of Cherry Hinton Hall.
  6. Where the age of the entrant will be under 18 on 30 September 2011, the date of birth of the entrant must be given and verified by an adult, who must also verify that the photo has been taken by the named entrant.
  7. Photographs entered for the competition using Flickr must be added to the Flickr Group of the Friends of Cherry Hinton Hall by 11:59 p.m. on Friday 7 October 2011. Photographs submitted by other means must be received at the designated address (see B and C above) by 6:00 p.m. on Friday 7 October 2011.

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