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20th Meeting and Proposed Works

The 20th meeting took place on Wednesday, 19 September 2012. Unfortunately, guest speaker Simon Bunn was unable to attend due to illness. However, with the help of the Village Centre flipchart, Ian Simmons gave us a presentation on options for restoring the water flow to the back lake. Ian was asked to liaise with Simon with a view to making this happen. We also heard about the possible introduction of a boggy/marsh area behind the duck pond to increase the diversity of habitat. Ian also confirmed that Simon Bunn had agreed the grill on the side of the Daws Lane bridge will be removed to increase water flow.

In a separate development, David Taylor was unanimously elected as FCHH Chair, replacing Bob Daines who stood down earlier in the summer. The news that Bob had stood down was greeted with great sadness and some surprise. It was noted that Bob had been a founder member of the Friends, and that what the group has achieved and the esteem in which the Friends are held, is to a very large part due to his efforts.

A full copy of the minutes is available HERE.

In a separate development, Cambridge City Council Nature Conservation Officer Guy Belcher has identified potential funding from the Environment Agency to undertake scrub and tree works along Cherry Hinton brook this winter. The main objective is to increase light levels and aquatic vegetation along the watercourse, although this would also benefit the route for cyclists and pedestrians. The proposal would build on the brook enhancement works completed this year in the Hall grounds, with the majority of hawthorn and other scrub between Snakey path and the watercourse removed. Landowners of the pits, including the TA, will be approached about pushing back scrub on their side too. If funding allows, some willows may be selected for pollarding. Please email the [email][/email] with any comments and we will ensure they reach Guy.

Finally the Friends will be undertaking some works ourselves later in the autumn and spring. In particular, a Bird Sanctuary work party, supervised by Guy Belcher, would undertake selective clearance of self-set sycamore to increase light levels to the ground flora and clear out nest boxes. Guy will also give a talk on the sanctuary area, why it still requires some management and the activities that Chypps undertake. Proposed dates are Saturday 8th or Sunday 9th December. Next year Guy is also looking to utilise volunteers for the planting of native aquatic plants along the stream. Proposed dates are Saturday 6th or Sunday 7th April 2013. The Committee will confirm dates and times when we have them.

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