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Progress with Implementation of Master Plan

The clearance of the hedges and shrubs around the former propagation site has opened up new views across the pond, which on first sight were a little startling. The cleared area has been seeded to establish a grass covering initially, until other planting can be completed. In contrast to last year, when the wildflower planting failed, April this year was helpfully wet for establishing the new grass.


Greylag geese appreciate being undisturbed behind the fence protecting the new grass


And the swans have been given improved protection to their nest

Selected clearance of the vegetation beside Cherry Hinton Brook has been undertaken. At the Friends meeting on 21 March 2012, Guy Belcher, Cambridge City Council Nature Conservation Projects Officer explained the plans to improve the quality of the brook as a rare example of a chalk stream.

Spot the bird in the picture!

Spot the bird in the picture!

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