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Climbing frame and other matters

Meeting with Council 3pm 9th July CHH about climbing frame and other matters

Present: Anthony French, Ian Ross, Judy Webb, Sandra Day and Catherine Mills.

Climbing Frame and Slide

We met by the play area and Ian showed a picture of the proposed unit to replaced the damaged equipment. He will e-mail a copy to us for the website. This seems to cover all requirements but the slide is small. Ian said there was funding for a slide set into the mound at the back of the area near the tennis court. This could be a double width one and would be placed on the other side of the mound and will raise the bank so that the slide would be longer. The slide will also be out of the direct sunlight and therefore did not get too hot. We thought this was a great idea. This would not be in place before the autumn as we cannot have the play area out of action over the school holidays and the placement involves major works and the removal of the existing ‘spider frame’.

The council also have an outdoor gym unit and it was proposed that this was set in the area by the tennis court. This would only take a couple of weeks to install as the unit is in storage and only requires ground work but would need to wait until after the Folk Festival before installation.

Notice Board and Bin

We decided that the best place for the notice board was at the junction where the path from in front of the hall going to the play area crosses the road. There is already a couple on the corner near the hall. The ice cream van parks nearby and it is very central, will be seen by most park users, especially people taking a short cut. There will be a bin too as I when I pick up some rubbish by the main gate; I had to walk to the tennis court before I found a bin! This would also encourage ice cream eaters to dispose of their wrappers!

Pond area

We then moved on to the pond area and had a look at the fallen trees that are blocking the brook. Anthony informed us that there are plans to get a tree surgeon in to sort all the trees to open up the length of the brook from the bridge down to Dawes Lane to get more light in.

The council intend to create a wild plant area in the middle of the ‘island’ behind the nature play area by clearing all the dead trees and shrubbery and add some insect shaped seating for children: seats are created on the legs and wings of butterflies, grasshoppers etc!

We walked back through the propagation centre and admired the well established wild flower meadow.

Thanks to all who could make the meeting.

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