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5th Meeting – 2010/03/24

The meeting was mostly dominated by the new proposed plans for the Propagation centre and the future of the rest of the park. The day before the meeting some of the committee met with Anthony French from the Council and the Architect to see the first draft of the plans. We were privileged to be the first to be consulted with the new plans and they look very promising indeed!

At the main Friends meeting we had large scale plans of the changes and talked through the major changes and improvements.

Some of the proposed changes are:

  • About 1/4 of propagation centre retained for hard standing/out buildings
  • Remainder of propagation centre converted to:
    • Orchard – local varieties
    • Chalk wild-flower meadow
    • Performance space\café lawn
    • Kiosk\Café
  • New pond dipping platform
  • Pond to be dredged
  • New seating
  • New stone bridge and relaid paving around pond
  • Paths realigned to desired routes allowing better travel throughout the park
  • Open up the plantings at the front of the Hall.
  • Selective thinning\coppicing of existing trees in various locations
  • New trees on boundary
  • Clear ivy and rejuvenate existing hedgerow

Overall the friends welcomed these proposals along with some suggested improvements\changes.
Please note the above items are from the initial proposal and are subject to change during the consultation period with us and other stakeholders.

The full minutes are available here.

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