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11th Meeting – 2011/03/16

The 11th meeting was held on Wednesday, 16 March.

Sandra and Bob reported on new play equipment and maintenance issues including that the new Explorer Dome play equipment was in place, together with the double slide nearby. Plans for the Community Action Day were detailed.

We then had a review of where we are with respect to the Cambridge City Farm. Members of the Committee met with Phil Back on Friday, 25 February, and were able to detail the concerns surrounding the siting of a City Farm on Cherry Hinton Hall grounds, in particular that we are already compromising some aspects of the Master Plan to accommodate the Cambridge Folk Festival and that even more changes would need to be made to accommodate a City Farm. The Committee also felt slightly uneasy insofar as there doesn’t yet appear to be a detailed, adequate and robust business plan by the City Farm group. Further details of the discussion are included in the Minutes.

Potential alternative sites for a Cambridge City Farm were disclosed to Members, including the field at the southern corner (but not part) of Coldham’s Common, diagonally opposite Sainsbury, land by the Ida Darwin & Fulbourn Hospitals (previously earmarked for development), leasing land currently used for farming e.g. behind Cambridge Water Co on Fulbourn Road, and also the possibility of teaming up with Darwin Nurseries on Newmarket Road, whose business already includes a number of elements sought in a City Farm – community involvement and volunteering, plant growing, a farm shop, etc. The site might already include animals.

Finally we had a really entertaining presentation and talk from Jennifer Parker of the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. Jenny also brought some gusests: Linda & Kimber (a young Cockapoo – a cross of an American Cocker Spaniel or English Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle), and Jane & Duncan (a fully-trained 2yr old Eurasia cross with a Golden Retriever).

To see a full copy of the Minutes, click HERE.

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