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Friends of Cherry Hinton Hall – Meeting

Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre
Colville Road, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 9EJ

Guest speakers Anthony French and Guy Blelcher from Cambridge City Council who will be available to discuss the next stage of the masterplan.

Guy will bring detailed plans of the proposed work but an outline is:
New benches near duck pond to replace the green ones.
New gravel in the above area.
Remove self set trees in the above area.
New waterfall with large boulders.
A “kingfisher area” to encourage breeding.
Concrete area used for Pets in the Park to be used as temporary workmans yard, will be fenced off.
Council to erect board near same area explaining what’s going on.
Notices to be put on noticeboards explaining what’s going on.
Guy to look at screening fence with a hedge around council store yard.
Benches to be replaced on other side of duck pond.
Work to be carried out November to January.
All silt to be used on site.
More trees as being cut down on other side of pond, these are clearly marked with green tape.
Also Guy to arrange for potholes to be filled at Cherry Hinton Rd entrance.

There is also the matter of the plans for Cherry Hinton Hall by the International School, which we have not addressed yet. It was felt that we needed to have a meeting to decide what we can do and to get the views of our members. Please come to the meeting or message any concerns you have, which can be raised on your behalf. Have your say!


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